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Tokom 2011 godine razvojni tim ZOF ELEKTRO DOO realizovao je neophodne elektronske sklopove i aplikativni softver za potrebe sistema za elektronsko glasanje upotrebom RFID tehnologije. Pogledajte sekciju Proizvodi -> Elektronski Glasački sistem



The subject project is the development of an integrated system for recording and replaying trial sessions with the possibility of different applications. Such systems would provide the technical basis for reducing corruption in the judiciary, which would enable a comprehensive reform of the judicial system.

It is important to note that from hearing the verdict to pass for more than 12 months, so that judges need to "return to movie" and replay the audio recording of the hearing, where they are visually indicate who and what he said at the hearing (Judge , lawyer, party, court expert, etc.).. Such a system would be in addition to the above, give the information whether a hearing is held or not, and this is one of the key information in decision-making process regarding the optimization of the courts.

At this point, the judge dictated by court reporters records that leaves the possibility that in "the night" is added to the key passages already signed the minutes (this is often the case in practice), there is a possibility that the injured party proves that the passage is miraculously added after signing the record. The general objectives of the project is fully fit with the guidelines of the National Strategy for Information Society (NSID "Official Gazette of RS" no. 87/06).



Key elements to the implementation of the Strategy are:
- The development of domestic markets software and hardware;
- Human resource development;
- Encouraging innovation and creating an enabling environment;
- Stimulating the creation and financing of new enterprises;
- Support of domestic exports of software and hardware;
- Community Mobilization Project dijaspori.Inovacioni achieved by developing local ICT software and hardware industry through the provision of cheap hardware supported with a software "plug in" modules. Implementation of this project would lead to greater transparency of the courts. Given that import hardware with Far East prevents prilagodenje needs and prevents the quick response and replacement of faulty hardware within a reasonable time, the software and hardware components to be produced by local subcontractors which would be the selling price considerably reduced, and thus enabling sustainable development of indigenous small and medium ICT preduzeca.Pored applied to the domestic market, this system would not only due to the cost, but also because of its direct impact on reducing corruption in the judiciary, and the solution was acceptable for foreign markets where there are donor projects which deal with judicial reform . Taking into account this aspect turns out that this system has a commercial capacity on both domestic and foreign market, especially in donor projects on the reform of the judiciary.
Implementation of this project creates a product that will meet the needs of a wide range of users. Market is needed such a system at a price accessible to all target groups, which has not been the case with similar, very expensive foreign systems with significantly poorer functionality. One of the goals of this project is to create a better and significantly cheaper device that would be affordable to be available to all potential users of the above. The implementation of this project would be increased in the long term development of innovative activities in companies involved in ICT technologies. It is important to note that the implementation of this project led to work transparetnijeg justice so as to reduce opportunities for corruption in judicial organima.Medu identified users of this device are also the companies involved in the development of new products and therefore they needed this device to quickly and easier to reach much better results in the new Innovation oblasti.Proizvod or device that is the subject of this project would take a very practical application in both the device realizatora.Pomenuti Innovation Centre Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade used to provide technical support services to students and teachers which means that applying the results of this project Innovation Center is increasing its technical capacity. Another device that actualizing the result of this project is used in the development of other new innovative products and thus make it significantly improved their technical capacity.