Company ZOF ELECTRO DOO is admitted in the work plan for 2010. year development of modular systems for vending. In cooperation with the company Acoustics OB is planned realization of a new concept of system for the sale of goods and services through the automated machines.




ZOF ELEKTRO process controler ZE-KPS-12. Universal programmable controller with 2 digital and 2 analog inputs, one analog and 2 digital outputs, keyboard and LED display 5x7seg.


ZEKPS12 is universal programable controller based on Atmel AT MEGA 90S8535 microcontroller


  • 2 Analogn inputs
    • PT100, KT,... temperature sensor
    • 0-5V Analog input
  • 2 Digital inputs
    • Microswitch
    • Pulse input
  • Keyboard 4 + 1 keys
    • 4 keys for controll, setting,... 
    • 1 key for emergencu stop.
  • 1 Analog output
    • DAC 0-10V
  • 2 Digital outputs 
    • RELAY 10A 250VAC
  • Expansion port 
    • 5 programable IO lines. 
  • 5 digit 7 segment led display. 

Using ZE KPS 12 it is very easy to implement process control for wide range of automates. It is also very helpfull to have both digital and analog inputs and outputs for processes that need analog and digital regulation in same system wich results cost effective and fast implementation. Signal conditionig for wide range of temperature sensors and both triac + relay outputs covers field of high precision temperature controllers.